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Joanne Mwangi

Joanne Mwangi-Yelbert, Founder CEO of PMS Group Africa Ltd, the only firm to ever simultaneously win three top Awards at the KPMG Top 100 Medium sized awards to date, is a legend.  Her business operations span 32 offices in 24 countries with teams in the thousands.

As Chair of COMESA’s FEMCOM, present in 21 countries across Africa with the primary goal of enhancing women’s economic power, she straddles the continent working with women to make real money ; together and sustainably.

Joanne is a serial entrepreneur. A key investor and venture capitalist on Lion’s Den, a television series in which she buys businesses, invests to grow them then on sells them at a profit. She is most alive when tackling a challenge.

An internationally acclaimed Marketing Guru with trophies too many to count, she treasures her position as President of the Stanford Seed Network whose methodology she uses to scale businesses for wealth creation, constantly reinforcing her mantra that cash is king.

Joanne loves and is inspired by trail blazers, women trail blazers being her heroes. Heroes that build wealth, live without limits, are true to themselves, hold high ideals, positively impact their communities and tirelessly aspire to greatness.

A risk taker, she lives by the matra, ‘nothing ventured, nothing gained” and won’t let anything stand in the way of her ambition, nor prevent her from giving back to society.

A wife, mother and fun loving intellectual, she savors making friends, eats anything a human can eat, works hard and stays humble by choice.